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  • William Morris - Brain Trust Inc.
    EN ROUTE VERS L’IMPRESSIONNISME - Peintures françaises du musée des Beaux-Arts de Reims

    The exhibition introduce the history of landscape, started from Achille-Etna Michellon, Corot, Boudin, to Monet, Camille Pissarro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and many other artists sourced from the important collection of musée des Beaux-Arts de Reims. The exhibition will survey the establishment of landscape painting in 19th century in France. [ read more ]

  • Daubigny
    Kisling, Grande figure de l'Ecole de Paris

    Kisling (1891-1953) was one of the most famous painters of the Ecole de Paris and was called “The prince of Montparnasse”. The most of works in this exhibition are oil paintings and the works were collected from museums and private lenders in France, Switzerland, U.S.A., Israel, Singapore and Japan. [ read more ]

  • Denmark Design
    Special Exhibition Only Available in Miyagi -
    William Morris

    This exhibition will introduce Morris’s life as a designer by tracing the often overlooked time periods of Morris’s life, such as his childhood and his time as a student, all the way to his later years. Additionally, with the special cooperation of Osaka University of Arts, this exhibition will showcase all 66 volumes of work published by “The Kelmscott Press”in two parts. [ read more ]

  • Denmark : Design

    This is the first exhibition in Japan to focus solely on Danish design, it is curated by the Designmuseum Danmark and Michael & Mariko Whiteway. [ read more ]

  • Daubigny
    Charles-François Daubigny

    Charles-François Daubigny is one of important artist in the history of landscape but in Japan, exhibition focused on Daubigny was not held until today. This is the first time in Japan to focus on the works of Daubigny and it will be nice opportunity to see his works at the same time. [ read more ]

  • Denmark Design
    William Morris -
    The History of Design with English Scenery

    This exhibition is composed of 6 chapters from his childhood until his late period and followers, and tries to show the overview of artist works and his lifetime from different environmental aspects. The exhibition is also accompanied with the audio- visual contents of his context featuring some chapters. [ read more ]

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