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  • Royal Copenhagen and Scandinavian Design - Brain Trust Inc.
    Royal Copenhagen and Scandinavian Design

    From the late 19th century to the early 20th century during the era of the World International Exhibitions, Scandinavian makers of design, under the leadership of their artistic directors, attracted artists and designers to create a fusion of industry and art. [ read more ]

  • Wafrica, Serge Mouangue - Brain Trust Inc.
    Wafrica: In Search of a Third Aesthetic

    This first solo exhibition in Japan by Serge Mouangue, Paris-based contemporary artist from Cameroon, presents exciting new visions of cultural affinities between Japan and Africa, a bold collection of sculptural and wearable expressions that transcend tradition toward a “Third Aesthetic.” [ read more ]

  • William Morris - Brain Trust Inc.
    Arts & Crafts and Design

    The Arts and Crafts movement, which was inspired by William Morris’ (1834-1896) philosophy of craftsmanship and his production, was born in 19th century Britain being progressively industrialized. The exhibition may help you sense the idea that good designs enrich people’s lives while regions and styles of production may have changed, and it has yet remained.[ read more ]

  • Botanical Art and the Development of Delicious Food  - Brain Trust Inc.
    Botanical Art and the Development of Delicious Food

    This exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to experience the "delicious" side of the UK through a variety of perspectives, including botanical art, Victorian table settings, and recipes for English sweets that can be enjoyed right away. [ read more ]

  • Botanical Art and the Development of Delicious Food  - Brain Trust Inc.
    Botanical Art and Wedgwood

    Colorful botanical art has fascinated people in the UK since modern times. Although there are not many plants native to this northern country, plants from all over the world were collected and recorded as botanical illustrations and specimens as the country expanded around the world. [ read more ]

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